Best Double Stroller for Disney: Navigating the Magic with Comfort and Ease

Picture this: You’re embarking on a magical adventure to the enchanting world of Disney with not one, but two little explorers in tow. As you step into the land of dreams and imagination, you want nothing but the best for your family’s journey. That’s where the quest for the Best Double Stroller for Disney begins. Choosing the perfect stroller can be the key to unlocking a seamless, joyful experience at the happiest place on earth. In this guide, we’ll take you through the enchanted realms of stroller options, revealing the chariots that promise comfort, convenience, and smiles aplenty. Get ready to discover your ideal Disney companion

Why Choose a Double Stroller For Disney?

The average family visiting a Disney park can expect to walk approximately 6 to 10 miles in a day, depending on the specific park you choose to explore. The larger parks like the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom tend to involve more walking, with distances ranging between 8 to 10 miles, while slightly smaller parks like Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios typically have visitors covering about 6 to 8 miles. It is for his reason that Double strollers are a lifesaver. They not only ensure that both of your children are comfortably seated but also help in managing the day’s activities with ease.

Double Stroller Rules and Restrictions For Disney Parks

Before you embark on your magical journey through Disney, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the park’s stroller restrictions and guidelines, ensuring a smooth and enchanting experience for your family.

Size Limitations: Strollers must be no larger than 31 inches (79 cm) in width and 52 inches (132 cm) in length. This size restriction is in place to ensure that the strollers can navigate through the park without obstructing pathways and causing inconvenience to other guests.

Stroller Wagons Prohibited: As of May 1, 2019, stroller wagons are not allowed. This includes any stroller that can be pulled behind a person, as they tend to be larger and more cumbersome than push strollers.

Designated Stroller Areas: Strollers must be parked in designated stroller parking areas when not in use. These areas are typically located near major attractions and can get full quickly, so be prepared to find alternate stroller parking if necessary.

Unattended Strollers: It’s important to note that strollers should not be left unattended in non-designated areas. They can be moved by park employees to designated stroller parking areas if left obstructing walkways or exits.

Can I rent a Double Stroller For Disney?

Yes you can. If you’re considering renting a double stroller for your visit to Disney in 2024, here are the current rental rates and options available:

Official Disney Stroller Rental:

  • Single Stroller: $15 per day for a single-day rental or $13 per day for a multi-day rental.
  • Double Stroller: $31 per day for a single-day rental or $27 per day for a multi-day rental.

These strollers are available at various locations within the Disney parks. Keep in mind that you cannot take Disney rental strollers out of the parks. If you park hop, you’ll need to return the stroller at one park and then pick up another at the next park using your rental ticket.

Is it worth Renting V’s Taking Our Own

Deciding whether to rent a double stroller for a trip to Disney World involves considering several factors:

Cost Comparison: For a 10-day trip for example, renting a double stroller from Disney would cost around $270 (at $27 per day for a multi-day rental). This can be a significant expense, especially when added to other trip costs.

Bringing Your Own Stroller: If you already own a stroller that meets Disney’s size requirements, bringing it might be more economical. However, you need to consider the logistics of traveling with a stroller, especially if flying.

Rental Quality and Convenience: Disney rental strollers are durable and designed to handle the wear and tear of park use, but they might not offer the same comfort and features as personal or higher-end rental strollers. The convenience of picking up and dropping off strollers at the park can be a pro or a con, depending on your plans and movement between parks.

Overall Convenience and Comfort: With young children, having a double stroller can be invaluable for managing long days at Disney parks, carrying supplies, and providing a place for kids to rest. The convenience and comfort a stroller provides could significantly enhance your overall experience.

Alternatives: Purchasing an affordable double stroller in Orlando is another option. Some families find that buying a stroller locally can be more cost-effective than renting for a long duration.

In summary, whether renting a double stroller for a Disney trip is worth it depends on your budget, convenience, comfort needs, and travel logistics. If the rental cost aligns with your budget and you prioritize convenience and comfort for your children, renting a stroller could be a worthwhile investment. However, if you’re looking to economize or prefer the familiarity of your own stroller, bringing or buying one may be more suitable.

Key Features to Look for in a Double Stroller For Disney

Choosing the right double stroller for your Disney adventure requires careful consideration of several features. Some of the main ones are:

Size and Maneuverability

First and foremost, the double stroller needs to be easy to maneuver. Disney walkways can get packed, so a stroller that can easily navigate through tight spaces is crucial. However, it shouldn’t compromise on space. Each child needs enough room to sit comfortably without feeling cramped.

Comfort and Safety Features

Comfort is key, especially on long days at Disney, so look for a double stroller with padded seats, adjustable reclining positions, and sun canopies to protect against the Florida sun. Safety features like a sturdy frame, reliable brakes, and adjustable harnesses are non-negotiable.

Storage Capacity

You’ll need lots of space for diapers, snacks, drinks, souvenirs, and the myriad of other things kids need. A stroller with generous storage space, including under-seat baskets and additional pockets, is a must.

Ease of Folding and Transport

At the end of a long day, you don’t want to wrestle with a stroller. Choose one that folds easily and compactly, making it convenient for transport and storage, especially if you’re using the Disney transportation system.

Our Picks for The Best Double Stroller For Disney

Based on experience and research, here are my top three recommendations:

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double

This double stroller is a dream to navigate, even in crowded places like Disney. Its all-terrain wheels and hand-operated brake system make it a safe and convenient option. The plush padded seats ensure your kids are comfortable throughout the day.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double
  • Benefits:
    • All-Terrain Wheels: Suitable for various surfaces, providing versatility.
    • One-Hand Fold: Easy handling and convenience.
    • Adjustable Handlebar: Comfortable steering for different heights.
    • Hand-Operated Parking Brake: Enhances safety.
    • Forever-Air Rubber Tires and All-Wheel Suspension: Offers a smooth ride.
    • Disney-Size Compliant: Meets the size requirements for Disney parks.
  • Limitations:
    • Weight: Heavier than some models, affecting portability.
    • Size When Folded: May not fit in smaller car trunks.
    • Price: Higher compared to other double strollers.

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

The Joovy Scooter X2 is known for its large storage capacity and easy folding mechanism. It’s a bit wider but impressively sturdy and smooth to push. The large canopy provides excellent sun coverage, a must for sunny Disney days. The Joovy double stroller also works out cheaper than renting over a 10 day trip in Disney.

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller For Disney
  • Benefits:
    • Large Storage Capacity: Easy access for essentials.
    • Individual Adjustable Footrests: Personalized comfort for each child.
    • Large Canopy: Excellent sun protection.
    • Narrow Design: Fits through standard doorways.
    • Independent Reclining Seats: Customizable for each child’s needs.
  • Limitations:
    • Wider Footprint: Navigation in tight spaces might be challenging.
    • Heavier Build: Can be cumbersome for transportation and storage.
    • Folding Mechanism: Potentially less user-friendly compared to other models

Joovy Caboose Too Sit and Stand Double Stroller

Joovy’s Caboose Too is a versatile double stroller that will let two kids ride the way they choose. This sit and stand double stroller gives your kids the option to sit, stand, or ride in the seat, with a rear bench, rear seat, and standing platform. As with the other Joovy model above, this also works out cheaper than renting over a 10 day trip in Disney.

  • Benefits:
    • Versatility: Allows one child to sit and one to stand or sit on a bench.
    • Compact Fold: Easy to fold and transport, suitable for family outings.
    • Storage Space: Offers storage pockets and a rear storage basket for convenience.
    • Adjustable Canopies: Independently adjustable for each seat.
    • Universal Car Seat Adapter: For when a new kid comes along, you don’t need to upgrade your stroller
    • Affordable: Priced reasonably compared to other models.
  • Limitations:
    • Comfort: May not be suitable for infants who cannot sit or stand independently.
    • Tandem Design: Tandem-style design can make it longer and less maneuverable in tight spaces.

Final Thoughts on The Best Double Stroller For Disney

Choosing the best double stroller can transform your Disney adventure. It’s about balancing comfort, convenience, and functionality. With the right stroller, your trip to Disney can be a delightful experience for the entire family.


What is the best double stroller for Disney in terms of comfort? The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double is excellent for comfort, with its padded seats and adjustable canopies.

Can I rent a double stroller at Disney, or should I bring my own? Disney offers stroller rentals, but for comfort and convenience, bringing your own might be a better option.

How do I manage a double stroller on Disney transportation? Most Disney transportation is stroller-friendly. Ensure your stroller folds easily for buses and trams.

Are there any Disney attractions that aren’t stroller-friendly? Some attractions require you to park strollers outside. Check the park’s guide map for specific details.

What should I pack in my stroller for a day at Disney? Pack essentials like diapers, wipes, snacks, drinks, a rain cover, and comfort items like a blanket or a favorite toy.

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