Establishing an EMF Shield for You & Your Children

Today, I’m here to talk about something that’s been on my mind a lot lately: EMF, or electromagnetic fields and more precicely how to create an EMF Shield for your family’s sanctuary. In this digital age, our living spaces are not just physical refuges but also environments awash with invisible electromagnetic fields (EMF’s). While EMF is an inherent part of our modern lives, its omnipresence raises concerns, particularly regarding the well-being of our children.

The purpose of this article is to to guide you through the ins and outs of EMF sheilding and, more importantly, to explore effective strategies for establishing an EMF Shield in your home. This guide aims to empower you with knowledge and practical tips, enabling you to minimize EMF exposure and ensure a safer environment for your family.

The Basics of EMF

First things first, let’s break down what EMF really is. In a nutshell it is the radiation emitted from anything electrical (artifcial or natural) – from our smartphones to the microwave. In our modern homes, EMF is everywhere, but not all of it is harmful. Still, it’s good to know where it comes from.

Types of EMF

Low-Frequency EMF: These are emitted by everyday household appliances, power lines, and electrical wiring. Common sources include microwaves, refrigerators, and hair dryers. This type is also known as non-ionizing radiation, which is generally perceived as less harmful than high-frequency EMF.

High-Frequency EMF: This type, also called ionizing radiation, includes ultraviolet rays from the sun and X-rays from medical imaging. High-frequency EMF has enough energy to remove tightly bound electrons from atoms, which can cause cellular and DNA damage.

Why Understanding EMF is Important

Understanding Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) is crucial in today’s technology-driven world. It helps us comprehend the invisible environment we live in, dominated by various EMF sources like mobile devices, Wi-Fi, and household appliances. This knowledge is especially important for protecting children, whose developing bodies might be more susceptible to potential EMF effects.

By understanding EMF, we can make informed decisions about the technology use in the home, reducing unnecessary exposure. Additionally, with increasing research on EMF’s health impacts, staying informed allows us to adapt to new findings and shield EMF more effectively, ensuring a healthier living environment for our families.

Sources of EMF in the Home

EMF in the home comes from a variety of sources, Here are some of the most common sources of EMF’s in the home:

  1. Wireless Routers: Often a constant source of EMF, as they emit radiofrequency (RF) radiation for Wi-Fi connectivity.
  2. Smartphones /Tablets, Television Sets, Computers and Laptops: These devices emit EMF when they are turned on, especially when using Wi-Fi or cellular data.
  3. Household Appliances: Microwaves, Refrigerators, washing machines, hair dryers, and vacuum cleaners, among others, emit EMF when in operation.
  4. Bluetooth Devices: Any device that uses Bluetooth technology, such as speakers, headsets, or smartwatches, emits EMF when active.
  5. Electric Heating Systems: These include electric radiators and underfloor heating systems.
  6. Baby Monitors: These often emit RF radiation, especially those that are wireless. Go for Low EMF models where possible

Vulnerability of Children to EMF Radiation

Children are inherently more vulnerable to EMF radiation due to their developing bodies and brains. This vulnerability raises important considerations for parents and caregivers. Let’s explore why children might be more susceptible to the effects of EMFS’s and why creating an EMF shield is so important.

They Have Developing Bodies and Brains: Children’s bodies and brains are still developing, making them more susceptible to environmental influences. Since their nervous systems and tissues are still maturing, the absorption and impact of EMF’s could be more significant compared to adults.

They Have Thinner Skulls and Bones: Children have thinner skulls and smaller bones, which may allow for deeper penetration of electromagnetic radiation into their brains.

Higher Absorption Rate: Research suggests that children’s brains can absorb more EMF than adult brains. Their higher tissue conductivity and smaller size mean that a greater proportion of their brain is exposed to EMF.

Potential Health Impacts

While the definitive long-term health impacts of EMF on children are still being researched, there are concerns about potential effects:

Cognitive and Behavioral Changes: Some studies have suggested a link between high EMF exposure and changes in cognitive and behavioral functions in children, such as attention, memory, and problem-solving skills.

Sleep Disturbances: Exposure to EMF’s, particularly from devices used close to bedtime, has been associated with sleep disturbances in children. This is due to the potential disruption of melatonin production, a hormone vital for sleep regulation.

Long-Term Risks: There is ongoing research into whether prolonged exposure to EMF from an early age may have long-term health risks, including the potential for increased susceptibility to certain types of cancers or neurological diseases.

Recomended Products That Create an EMF Shield For You and Your Children

Creating physical barriers to shield your home and family from electromagnetic fields (EMF) involves using specific materials and products designed to absorb or block EMF radiation. These barriers can be particularly effective in spaces where EMF exposure is high or where people spend significant amounts of time, such as bedrooms and living areas. Here’s an overview of some common EMF shielding products and how they work:

EMF Shielding Blankets

EMF Shielding Blanket

EMF shielding blankets are made with special fabrics to protect your unborn baby from EMF exposure.

They are also Ideal for wrapping infants and young children, especially when they are near electronic devices. They are designed to be gentle on a baby’s skin while providing protection against EMF.

EMF Shield Pouches & Bags for Devices

EMF Shielding Pouches & Bags for Devices

These pouches are designed to hold electronic devices like smartphones and tablets, blocking EMF emissions when the devices are not in use.

EMF Shielding Caps

EMF Shielding Caps

Made with EMF shielding materials, these headwear options are designed to protect the head from EMF exposure.

The soft and comfortable DefenderShield® EMF Radiation Protection Baseball Cap can block up to 99% of wireless EMF & 5th generation radiation (300Hz-10 GHz) from reaching your head.

5G EMF Radiation Protection Wallpaper

5G EMF Radiation Protection Wallpaper

The DefenderShield® 5G EMF Radiation Protection Wallpaper is adhesive, paintable wallpaper that incorporates advanced EMF shielding technology to create a conductive barrier between you and a powerful EMF-emitting transmitter, like a 5G cell phone tower.

Ideal for homes in urban areas or close to cell towers where external EMF sources are a concern.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Today children are glued to their electronic devices more than ever before. Constant exposure to the blue light emitted by these screens can have negative side effects on your child’s eyes.

These flexible fun-colored frames come with either 50% or 99% blue light blocking lenses to protect from digital screens.

EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Kids Headphones

EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Kids Headphones

Protect your child’s head from EMF radiation while offering an incredible listening experience with these EMF Radiation-Free Air Kids Headphones

Delivering sound via hollow air tubes rather than traditional wires, the DefenderShield® EMF Radiation-Free Kids Headphones offer an incredible listening experience while protecting your child from Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation exposure

EMF Bed Canopies

EMF Bed Canopies

These canopies are made from EMF shielding fabrics and are designed to hang over the bed, creating a shielded space.

They are effective in protecting against EMF during sleep, which is crucial for restorative rest and overall health.

Practical Steps to Reduce EMF Exposure

Besides using various products designed to protect you, Reducing EMF exposure involves a series of practical steps. These steps can be easily integrated into daily routines to minimize the impact of electromagnetic fields (EMF’s).

Distance: The Simplest EMF Shield

EMF Blocking charger
  • Keep Devices Away from the Body: Encourage the use of speakerphone or headphones instead of holding phones directly to the ear.
  • Create Device-Free Zones: Establish areas at home, especially bedrooms and dining areas, where electronic devices are not allowed.
  • Distance While Sleeping: Ensure that electronic devices are not kept close to the bed, or keep them out of the bedroom altogether. Use an EMF Blocking charger to charge your smartphone If nessecary

Managing Device Usage

  • Limit Screen Time: Set limits on the amount of time children spend on electronic devices, especially those connected to Wi-Fi or cellular networks.
  • Wi-Fi Timers: Programe Wi-Fi routers to turn off the network when you are asleep or times when it’s not needed.
  • Encourage Non-Digital Activities: Promote activities that don’t involve electronic devices, like outdoor play, reading, or board games.

Choosing Low-EMF Appliances

  • Research Before Buying: Look for low-EMF versions of common household appliances.
  • Placement of Appliances: Keep high-EMF appliances like microwaves and wireless routers away from frequently used living spaces.

Reducing EMF in the Bedroom

  • Electronics-Free Bedrooms: Keep televisions, computers, and other electronic devices out of bedrooms.
  • Opt for Wired Alarm Clocks: Replace wireless alarm clocks with wired versions or battery-operated alternatives.

Choose Wired Over Wireless

  • Prefer Ethernet Cables: Use wired internet connections instead of Wi-Fi wherever possible.
  • Wired Accessories: Opt for wired keyboards, mice, and headphones instead of their wireless counterparts.

Smart Use of Smartphones and Tablets

  • Airplane Mode: Switch devices to airplane mode when not in use, especially for children’s devices.
  • Text Instead of Call: Encourage texting or using messaging apps instead of making calls to reduce the time the device is near the head.

Home Layout and EMF

  • Strategic Placement of Wi-Fi Routers: Keep routers in less frequented areas and not in or near bedrooms.
  • Safe Spacing from Electrical Panels: Ensure living spaces, particularly where children spend most of their time, are not adjacent to the home’s electrical panel or heavy wiring.

Regular Breaks from Technology

  • Scheduled Tech Breaks: Implement regular intervals where the whole family takes a break from technology to reduce continuous exposure.

Awareness and Monitoring

  • Use of EMF Meters: Regularly monitor EMF levels in different areas of the home, especially in spaces where children spend a lot of time.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up with the latest research and guidelines on EMF exposure and safety.

Final Words From Me

As we reach the end of our journey through understanding and mitigating EMF exposure in our homes, it’s clear that the subject of an ‘EMF Shield’ is more than just a technological concern; it’s a crucial aspect of our family’s health and well-being.

Remember, the goal is not to create a fear of technology but to foster an environment where we can coexist with it safely. Educating ourselves and our children, staying informed about the latest research, and making conscious choices about our use of technology are key to achieving this balance. By implementing these measures, we can create a sanctuary that nurtures our family’s physical health and supports our peace of mind.


What’s the simplest way to reduce EMF exposure at home? Keep a safe distance from EMF sources and limit the use of wireless devices.

Are EMF shielding devices worth it? They can be effective, but research their credibility and use them as part of a broader EMF reduction strategy.

How can I talk to my kids about EMF? Explain EMF in simple terms and encourage safe and responsible use of technology.

What are the signs of too much EMF exposure? Symptoms can include headaches, fatigue, sleep disturbances, and difficulty concentrating.

Can a healthy diet really help against EMF effects? A nutritious diet supports overall health, potentially aiding the body in dealing with environmental stressors like EMF.

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